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Choosing the right door for your home, office, factory, hotel or condo is often a difficult choice. Here at Simto however, we strive to provide a variety of door styles to meet your needs for both appearance and functionality. We supply a wide array of security doors in a multitude of styles, including steel, wood, MDF, or fire rated, and each meets individual customer needs for service, strength and appearance to both protect your home and complement existing décor. We respect and value customer time here at Simto, so we will respond as quickly as possible to your inquiry about diverse door needs. Please call today to learn more about the plethora of choices available to you, including single doors, double doors, unequal leaf doors, armored doors, glazed doors and more.

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Main Products
    1. Steel Security Door

      The elegant curve designs and warm finishes can make Simto single or double doors a focal point for your home, office or other space.
      As a combination of a rigid steel core, and elegant wood facings, Simto’s steel security doors are built to resist attempts to break down your door, including kicking, shoulders, and other attempted methods.

    1. Armored Door

      Different trends come and go, but Simto attempts to provide a timeless look in their armored doors with the different finishing styles, such as a warm brown wood grain, or an airy white paint. As they are priced lower than competing products, Simto’s catalogue provides everything needed to choose the best in door protection for your needs. Our customers range from home improvement stores, to security door agents and distributors.

    1. Fire Rated Door

      Each fire rated door carries quality and safety warrants that last for decades. Designed with safety and aesthetics in mind, Simto’s fire doors provide an upscale look and protection features that interior designers and architects add to their plans. We provide a range of fire rated doors in single, double and unequal double leaf door styles to suit your needs and different buildings.

    1. Steel Entry Door

      Simto's collection of steel entry doors are designed to be stylish and secure. Made from high strength steel sheets, Simto's entry doors are an ideal method for dressing up your doorway, adding and elegant and luxurious touch to the building façade. If you are seeking to build door entry systems for an office building, apartment building, home, or factory, our steel entry doors are an excellent choice.

    1. Wood Door (Interior Door)

      Simto's wood doors offer an array of choices for fashion and functionality. Our mission is simple: to create a warm, inviting and hospitable living space with our doors. Each Simto interior door is a perfect blend of beauty and technology, and comes with a strong lock set. Customers can choose the right style for their space, including Rococo, neoclassical or Bauhaus.

    1. MDF Door

      MDF doors have been a popular door type for a number of years, and Simto’s MDF interior doors are among the most dependable and practical in the industry. For added peace of mind, we have been certified according to ISO 9001 and 14000 standards, which means we can deliver the best quality MDF doors to our customers.